What is free bleeding?

‘Free bleeding’ is a term used to describe having your menstrual period flow freely without the use of sanitary items like pads, tampons or menstrual cups. That is, it flows directly into your underwear, with the new premise being that you are wearing special period-absorbing underwear. Otherwise, naturally the blood would flow through your underwear and clothes.

The term free bleeding has been around for a while, but actually became more commonly used after a failed anti-feminist hoax back in 2014 intended to make women’s rights activists look crazy, as if they were just letting their periods flow freely through their clothes for all the world to see. They weren’t, for the record.

     Period undies are now a legitimate form of period product
These new types of period underwear are an excellent and overdue addition to our very small arsenal of weapons against getting blood everywhere during our periods, and are – according to all reports – very effective. No leaks, no smells, no wetness. Just a free bleed. Look online for specific underwear that holds moisture (like Knix or SheTHINX).

There are a number of brands of period underwear, with the most high-tech absorbing about two tampons worth of blood. That means if you would normally only change your tampon or pad twice in a day, you can wear them all day, but if you have a heavier flow, your period undies can be more like an overflow catcher than the main catcher.

We are a huge fan of period undies and reckon they would make a great gift to get everyone started on better ways to not use menstrual products so often, instead recycling and washing your undies. It will only get better from here.