Aunt Vadge: what’s wrong with my vagina?

Hi there Aunt Vadge!

So I’ve got some kind of infection in my vagina, whoopty-doo!

Let me tell you how it started: about 2 to 3 weeks ago, I noticed some tiny white spots on my clitoris. Never seen those before, even the one time I’ve had a yeast infection before. I waited a few days, did some natural remedies like distilled water and chamomile as topical help, and it cleared up a bit after peeling for a few days. By the way, super scary to see your clitoris peeling.

After a few days, it returned (white spots and peeling), alongside some buildup around the vulva that could be easily wiped off with a wet washcloth.

About a week ago, I noticed some white discharge (which eventually turned yellowish) that had small clumps in it and I had very minor itching. So I went to the OBGYN, got a pap done and everything came back negative. I went and got a second opinion and was told to take Metronidazole vaginal gel for 5 nights at bedtime, however, the discharge has only become SUPER clumpy and excessive.

I have never had an infection like this, the amount of clumps and the size is not only gross but so uncomfortable. The clitoris does not have white spots on it nor is it peeling anymore. There is no foul smell and it doesn’t burn when I pee. The infection has, however, weakened the tissue at the vaginal opening and I now have a tear at the bottom– THAT BURNS SO SO MUCH. I need help, I am super sensitive to medicines so side-effects are something I want to avoid, but medicines are all doctors of most kinds seem to know.

I will also add that a week and a half ago, I did blood work and have discovered that I am super malnutritioned from being vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian (in that order) for three-and-a-half years. I didn’t know it was affecting my health until some symptoms showed up, and I was concerned and went in for a thorough check up. As of a week ago, I have began to very slowly reintroduce chicken into my diet and eventually will introduce meats (all poultry, fish and meats, being organic alongside vegetarian).

I mention this as I know the body and vagina go hand in hand when it comes to pH health and balance. I have been drinking ginger tea every night to aid in digestion and my body is doing great so far. I just want my vagina back to normal. My husband and I haven’t been able to make love for some time, and he’s been great and supportive, but I can’t say I’m not starting to become impatient with the process.

Thanks for all the advice you can offer!


Age: 24
Country: South FL

Dear Mystified,

It sounds like you could use a little boost from healthy flora and some nutrients, to help get you back into shape. Being severely malnutritioned means that your body has not had everything it needs to defend itself, making it easy for pathogens to invade and cause mysterious infection-like symptoms.

I’d start you off with several key things:

  1. Buy some fresh milk kefir grains online (not dried, not store-bought milk kefir) and ferment your own milk kefir at home. Use this fresh milk kefir vaginally and orally – use 20ml insert at night or soak a small tampon, inserting before bed each night. Drink the rest. Make a cup each day. One tablespoon of fresh grains costs about US$10 – look on eBay or Craigslist, or find fermenting groups on social media and ask around for fresh grains. People love this stuff, and there is plenty of it around the traps. This will help to keep your good bacteria around, while eliminating any loitering pathogens. If it doesn’t go down well in your belly, reduce the dose and work your way up.
  2. Start taking some supportive, high-quality supplements to build up your resources. That means iron (my favourite is Spatone liquid, take vitamin C at the same time to aid absorption), zinc, magnesium, B vitamins. You want the most absorbable types, so if you have the money, see a nutritionist or naturopath to help guide you there. It’s important that your nutrients can be absorbed, and knowing when to take what, and what sort to take matters.
  3. Have a fist-sized piece of protein at every meal. Your body needs protein to make a thousand things, including your skin, so healing slowly and getting cut easily can mean you don’t have enough meat-builders to keep your skin strong. This could be an egg (organic if possible), meat, fish, nuts, wholegrains, beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc. Diversify your protein sources, and make it a priority. You need protein to make just so many things in your body, including for your immune system. Low immunity = vagina (and other) infections are very easy to get.

Good luck!

Aunt Vadge

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