Aunt Vadge: is my vagina too short?

Hi Aunt Vadge, 

I’m kinda worried that my vagina is too short. If I put my index finger in I can easily touch my cervix and it’s like this when I’m turned on too.

I read the vagina stretches up when you have sex to accommodate whatever is in there, but I just wanted to check. I haven’t had sex, but the guy I like and am sorta in a thing with has a 7-inch dick and I’m a little worried about that. 

Too Short

Age: 15
Country: California, US

Hi there Too Short,

It certainly sounds like you have a short vagina! Some women do have small/short vaginas, and that tends to mean figuring it out with whoever you are with, or finding a guy with a penis that fits you snugly!

It would be worth popping into a sexual health clinic and asking them to examine you to make sure you are completely normal on the inside. There can be certain structures inside of us that can cause the vagina to seem shorter than it might otherwise be (a septum or some ducting abnormalities that can result in a shortened or different reproductive tract).

There is also a body dysmorphia syndrome called Relative Short Vagina Syndrome (RSVS), where your perception of how deep your vagina is is different to how deep it really is when you are examined by a doctor.

Getting checked out will confirm to you that you are normal, and have to learn how to navigate sex from this perspective. Or, it will provide some useful information on what is happening to you. Either way, knowing is better than not knowing.

Remember that your cervix should pop up and get softer when you are ovulating, and where it sits will change with your cycle. It may be useful to try touching your cervix throughout your cycle, and chart your periods and ovulation, to feel when will be the most comfortable time to try to have sex with your guy. Ovulation is almost certainly that time, but you need to then figure out when that is, if you don’t know.

How to figure out when you ovulate

You are 15, so if you do find you are normal (just short), then your next job is to find how to have satisfying sexual experiences with the body you were born with. This is going to mean lots of talking and figuring out how to do other things with your 7-incher guy, and beyond him in life. You’ll quickly get good at it I’m sure, since everything else is just going to hurt you.

This could mean you become a champion at blow jobs, hand jobs, and a queen of the strap-on, and it may force your lovers to be champions of going down on you, fingerbanging, and trying anal if you’re into it. There are plenty of very interesting, deeply saucy options besides p-in-v sex.

Masturbating with objects will also help you figure out what you can take, and where your limits are, so start small, and see how you go. You may also like wider objects/penises, rather than long. Masturbating is going to be the surefire way you figure this out, so don’t leave this out of your schooling and rely only on the guy to practise with.

There are lots of women with vaginas that are perfect in every way, and smaller than many other vaginas. You are the ladies who make men with smaller penises VERY happy. There is someone for everyone! And solutions to every sexual problem, where you can get creative. It makes you all better lovers, which frankly I think is great!

But, get checked (unless you already have), at least put your mind at ease, and then go from there.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge

Jessica Lloyd - Naturopathic Practitioner, BHSc(N)

Jessica Lloyd - Naturopathic Practitioner, BHSc(N)

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