Aunt Vadge: lots of yellow discharge – is it yeast?

Hi Aunt Vadge, 

I’m scared I may have a yeast infection. It’s not that I’m afraid of it, as it is a normal part of life, but I had one recently and I guess I’ve been paranoid about it all. I’ve noticed slight yellow discharge. Not very yellow. I keep wondering if it’s yeast because it doesn’t itch. ?

And sometimes I have a large amount of white discharge. ?I know white discharge is normal, but is that much really necessary?
Age: 19
Country: Jamaica

Dear Scared,

Yellow discharge is not normally associated with yeast infections, but lots of white, clumpy discharge is – with itching. So, you’re right. It might not be a yeast infection.

Yellow discharge isn’t normal, so it would pay to go and get a test at the doctor to see what it could be. If it’s possible that you could have a sexually transmitted infection, now would be a good time to know about it.

If not, you may have a bacterial imbalance (bacterial vaginosis, aerobic vaginitis), but either way, you should know now and treat it to avoid bigger problems later.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge