Aunt Vadge: can I stop using Vagifem if my microbiome report was good?

A 41-year-old has finally got her vaginal microbiome full of lactobacilli. Should she keep using Vagifem, or stop?

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She's struggling with ureaplasma that just won't go away no matter how many antibiotics she takes. What should she do?

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A 21-year-old had sex the day her period ended, but her breasts feel tender. Is she pregnant? Why is this happening?

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She's had vaginal pinworms or threadworms for 13 years. What should she do?

Purine and uric acid food list (searchable)

A searchable food list of purines and how much uric acid they are converted to in the digestive system.

Aunt Vadge: my vagina and bottom have been itchy for years

A 37-year-old has had an itchy vagina and anal area for many years and isn't sure why it's happening or what she should do about it.

Study: How doctors differ in screening for female sexual dysfunction

Researchers examined how FSD is addressed and investigated in routine healthcare check-ups in the USA.

Aunt Vadge: I’m breastfeeding and my BV won’t go away

A 24-year-old first-time mum is struggling with postpartum BV that won't go away. What should she do?

Impact of Cinnamomum on Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms

Cinnamomum, one of the active constituents of cinnamon, has strong antibacterial and antibiofilm activity against P. aeruginosa.

Searchable polyphenol-containing foods list

A searchable comprehensive list of foods that contain polyphenols.

Aunt Vadge: Do I need to tell my partner?

She wants to know if revealing her history of BV is something she should do in her new relationship.

Aunt Vadge: which BV treatment is right for me?

A 22-year-old has had BV for five periods in a row and isn't sure which BV treatment is best. What should she do?

Killing BV – the definitive guide

Here are two of the most important unique guides ever written about understanding and treating bacterial vaginosis in vaginas and penises.

How to make slippery elm pessaries/suppositories or vaginal gel

Learn how to make a soothing slippery elm pessary or suppository or vaginal gel.

The neovaginal microbiome

Recent studies have begun to shed light on the neovaginal microbiome, revealing a fascinating interplay between penile, intestinal, and hormonal influences. This research highlights the diversity and specific bacterial species present in neovaginas compared to cisgender vaginal microbiomes, offering insights into health implications, immune responses, and potential for bacterial vaginosis.

Understanding Gilbert’s syndrome

Gilbert's syndrome can create some unwanted microbiome disturbances due to excess bilirubin in the digestive tract.

Aunt Vadge: sex slip has made me bleed – a lot

Her and her boy were fooling around and there's been a slip of the penis and she's ended up bleeding. What should she do?