Aunt Vadge: we did anal-vaginal sex and now I have AV that won’t go away

There are three cute bacteria on a couch, and they were introduced to this vagina from a dick. That's right. Anal to vaginal caused this woman to have an infection for FOUR YEARS.

Hi Aunt Vadge!

I have had an infection with aerobic vaginitis (E. faecalis and E. coli) for a long time (4 years).

Antibiotics have no effect on it (doctors say it’s probably because of the strong biofilm), I have used many possible remedies: NAC, oral serrapeptase, etc. to break down the biofilm.

I had unprotected anal sex with my partner, then vaginal sex, this way we both became infected with E. coli and E. faecalis bacteria… 🙁

So far, there has been no improvement for years, neither strong medications nor home treatments help 🙁

I recently also read about EDTA, that it works on biofilms and bacteria. so I have a question: can I use EDTA vaginally?

I saw that it is in Aunt Vadge’s AV Herbal Pessary Blend, I will buy it, but can I also use EDTA itself, e.g. diluted with oil or water?

I’m very desperate, this disease makes me depressed 🙁


Age 22, Poland


Dear Depressed,

I’m very sorry to hear about the long-term infections you’ve been battling. It sounds like quite a challenging situation, and it’s completely understandable that it would be impacting your moods and daily life.

Persistent infections like the ones caused by E. coli and Enterococcus faecalis can indeed be complicated, but in your case, I don’t think biofilms are your issue. You’ve tried plenty of great treatments, but the problem persists, which means it’s a bigger problem than just a microbiome disturbance.

I recommend the following: 

  1. Aunt Vadge’s Oral UTI Herbal Blend, to target the AV-causing bacteria in the vagina, urinary tract and digestive tract
  2. Aunt Vadge’s AV Herbal Pessary Blend vaginally as directed to decrease vaginal AV bacteria
  3. Aunt Vadge’s Biofilm Enzyme Blend orally as directed, to support a healthy gut microbiome, which can really help in AV cases. These enzymes are made from plants, and the herbs have a lot of different actions on the microbiome which will be helpful in your case, and also support healthy digestion. 

Keep using a probiotic, and avoid reinfection with your partner during sex by using a condom. Focus on eating a very healthy diet (protein at every meal, half the plate vegetables).

If you’re not getting all your nutrients, I strongly recommend using an app like Cronometer to track your nutrient intake and log your meals for two weeks. Then start to plug up the gaps in your diet as per the app.

Sleep well, take care of yourself, keep up with your exercise more regularly, and all the ‘right’ things that we know are good for us, but don’t always do! Just at least while you heal up. This has been going on a long time. 

You have obviously caught AV from the sexual mishap, but the reason it won’t go away may be another story.

The combination of these treatments will target digestive microbiome issues, which can be contributing to your vaginal symptoms, which is why nothing you do makes it go away. 

Regarding EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), it is a chelating agent that can bind to metals and has been studied for its potential to disrupt biofilms. While EDTA is part of the formulation we offer, it’s not generally recommended to use pure EDTA intravaginally unless under strict professional guidance.

Using any substance intravaginally can affect the delicate balance of the vaginal microbiome, and the safety and efficacy of such treatments need to be well-established.

A formulated product like those available through My Vagina has taken into account safe concentrations and combinations with other ingredients to support vaginal health. I would advise against using pure EDTA diluted with oil or water. I don’t think it will help you. 

If you choose to try one of our products, like the herbal mixture for AV, please ensure you follow the instructions carefully and monitor your symptoms closely. If at any point your symptoms worsen or you have concerns, it’s crucial to halt the treatment and consult with your GP or gynaecologist for medical advice.

If in 6-8 weeks, you’re not getting any results from my recommendations, book in with one of our vulvovaginal specialist naturopaths for some more tailored investigations and care.

You’re not broken and it’s not hopeless, I promise, you just need to find the root cause, to work out why this vaginal infection won’t go away. If you’re sick of it and just want help, book in as soon as possible. 

Look after yourself!
Aunt Vadge


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