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Clitoral unhooding refers to partial removal of the clitoral hood as part of what is known as a composite reduction labiaplasty. This additional surgery on the clitoral hood is to ensure an even and symmetrical labiaplasty result.

Clitoral unhooding

Removing part of the clitoral hood means reducing the thickness or amount of tissue that surrounds the clitoris, for no other purpose than how it looks.

It is not recommended to completely unhood the clitoris, since the clitoris, when exposed, is very sensitive. Over-exposure of the clitoris could result in rubbing on clothes or hyperstimulation from a lover, which is likely to be very uncomfortable, but also results in the clitoris taking on the appearance of a small penis (a microphallus).

Clitoral surgery may also be used to cover up a protruding clitoris with the hood.

Techniques for clitoral unhooding – the Y-to-V technique

Surgeons use what is known as a modified Y-to-V technique, whereby the clitoral hood is cut, with tissue on either side of a Y-shape removed. Clitoral hood tightening may also be used, which is where the wings of the labia are connected more fully with the clitoral hood to make it closer and tighter (‘neater’).

Surgery outcomes

The risk of complications for this surgery are thought to be minimal, however, as with all cosmetic surgery, there are no actual official records available, since the surgery is generally conducted privately.

In a 2013 study, 35 per cent of women undergoing a composite labial reduction experienced increased sexual excitability, and no patients experienced prolonged pain.

Most surgery of this kind is straightforward, but must be conducted by a very experienced surgeon – never, ever allow someone who has only done a few of these to touch your vulva.


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