Symptom management between treatments in stubborn BV

Not everyone is going to be able to solve their bacterial vaginosis first, second or third go with the Killing BV treatments, and treatment fatigue is a very real thing. You will need to take breaks. Sometimes there are underlying factors that predispose you to vaginal microflora imbalances that are not readily solvable using our normal methods.

This could be medication you are taking, hormonal imbalances that are being treated, underlying illnesses that send your microbiome into la la land, or having very hardy, resistant bacteria to overcome. Whatever the cause, if you are struggling to live with BV and are fed up with treatments and need a break, here are some recommendations for figuring out how to control your symptoms so you can be odour-free, have sex, and live as normally as possible while you gather your strength for further treatments and testing.

6% hydrogen peroxide douche

Our first recommendation is six per cent hydrogen peroxide. Not three, not 12, but six per cent. Three isn’t strong enough to eliminate the odour properly, and 12 per cent is too strong. Only use hydrogen peroxide douches if your vagina can handle it – stinging is normal, and disappears quickly, but any swelling or other adverse effects, you should avoid this treatment.

You can use this treatment as often as you like – typically it will give you a clear few days at minimum, but it can offer relief from odours and discharge until your pH is disrupted again, by sex or your period. It won’t solve your problem permanently, but can provide you with some much-needed relief. You can have sex, but remember that your biofilms are still in place, and you should use condoms to avoid getting biofilms on your partner’s penis, or if having sex with other women, protect your partner by avoiding mixing your vaginal fluids. We are still unclear about whether the bacteria inhabit the mouth.

How to do a 6 per cent hydrogen peroxide douche

Probiotic-Luvena or probiotic-Multi-Gyn paste

Jarro-Dophilus Women mixed with Luvena or Multi-Gyn to make a paste, inserted vaginally using an applicator. Take a vaginal applicator, put some gel in it, dump the contents of the capsule in, stir it up with a large safety pin or toothpick, and insert it every morning. If you use Multi-Gyn as the mixing gel, it stays in place all day, and if you have sex later, your partner’s penis gets coated and sort of treated at the same time. In some women this can keep symptoms at bay, particularly odour.