Using Jarro-Dophilus Women vaginally – you need to switch capsules

Jarro-Dophilus Women 10 billion vegetable capsules

Jarro-Dophilus Women 10 billion CFU capsules are gelatin or enteric-coated, which means they do not dissolve in the vagina. You will need to empty the capsule into a vegetable capsule manually, or stir a capsule into a milk kefir ferment, so the probiotics ferment along with the regular milk kefir bacteria.

Buying new vegetable capsules is easy and inexpensive. Any brand will do, but just make sure they are vegetable, not gelatin. Gelatin is a protein, and therefore does not dissolve in water – it needs stomach acid. A vegetable cap will completely dissolve in water in a couple of hours, while a gelatin capsule will remain gluggy and not spill its contents in your vagina adequately to treat anything at all.

In terms of size, 00 should be ok.

Keep Jarro-Dophilus Women refrigerated unless you have the non-refrigerated kind. Keep in mind that these vegetable capsules are moisture-sensitive. Too moist and they will go soft, and too dry and they will shrink. Keep in an airtight container in the fridge, using the Jarro-Dophilus Women jar and its moisture absorber.

To get the probiotic powder into the new capsule, you have two main options:

  1. Do it manually. (See below.)
  2. Buy a capsule filling machine. The most basic of these machines is built for the capsule size, so make sure the capsule maker and the capsules you buy are the same size. Other sizes won’t fit and it won’t work effectively. They are sometimes hard to get the hang of, but it’s kind of fun – like doing science.

     Filling capsules manually

To fill capsules, you need tiny tools (try tweezers, a small funnel made out of paper and sticky tape, nail scissors, teeny tiny spoons, anything like that – you can buy little science tools online that are perfect) and a stable working space. It will get messy at first, but just make sure you have plenty of time to do this so you can perfect your methods.

The first thing you need is to know how you will keep your empty capsule steady while you accurately pour the contents of the other capsule into it. The issues here are that if you put the full capsule (opened) down, it will spill. This is a waste, so being efficient with your capsule making with good systems is key.

You are going to want both your hands free for the pouring, instead of the harder version which is holding your empty capsule with one hand, while pouring out the contents of the full capsule into it. You can do this, but use the paper funnel, and maybe have a friend on hand to help.

If you have access to it, you can make a makeshift filling station with a drill and a piece of clean dry wood – find the correct drill bit that will make a small indent/hole in the wood that snugly fits the bottom half of the longest part of your empty capsule. You don’t want the whole capsule bottom to fit in there, because the you won’t be able to get it back out or put the top on.

You can double up the ingredients, and you can do this in advance. Just remember to keep your capsules dry – you will need to refrigerate the probiotics to keep them alive, and this will affect the capsules because they are very sensitive to dryness and humidity. If they are dry, they shrink, and if they become moist, they will swell and become softer. You want them just right.

This means using very tightly sealing containers for your capsules, store in a cool dry place, and if possible, try to make up your probiotics in their new capsules just on the day you are using them. Experiment though – if you can get away with keeping them intact in the fridge, then go for it. Fridges are quite dry places anyway, since their whole modus operandi is to suck moisture out of the air, which is why vegetables dry and shrivel up in the fridge if they are not wrapped.