Aunt Vadge: BV for 20 years…. help!

Dear Aunt Vadge,
I had a complete hysterectomy because of endometriosis last year. I’ve battled with “BV” my whole life starting in my 20’s.

I don’t believe it’s BV but maybe a different bacteria.

What type of doctor do I need to see for this? Any gynecologist? My current gynecologist tells me he won’t test for anything else. I’m hurting and need help.

Thank you,
Age: 44
Country: United States


Dear MM,

First, download a copy of Killing BV from our website, and read it. It’s free for the time being, while everyone is on lockdown from coronavirus.

Once you’ve read it (if you haven’t already!), you may find some solutions to your ongoing bacterial vaginosis that you can try at home.

The tests you need are first a full sexual health check (which I’m sure has already been done) to rule out any sexually transmitted infections, and then get a comprehensive vaginal microbiome test – we love Juno Bio.

Order some vaginal pH strips so you can test your vaginal pH at home and see where you’re at, in the meantime.

Once you’ve got a copy of Killing BV, log into the support section where we offer free email support – you can then connect with us personally and we can offer you a little more guidance if you get stuck!

We have some really great treatment options that you won’t find anywhere else. One of our Killing BV readers cured her BV completely at home with our treatments after 17 years!

It can be done. You don’t even necessarily need to start off with the testing, as if you’re clear of STIs, you can just get started on treatments.

Aunt Vadge