Using Aunt Vadge’s Herbal Blend

We’ve got a very special blend of ingredients for treating bacterial vaginosis and aerobic vaginitis, Aunt Vadge’s Herbal BV/AV Blend.

Men’s instructions for this blend are in the men’s support section. 

This is not the best blend for yeast (coming soon!), but can also be helpful for yeast infections.

You can use this liquid during your period, but it’s better if you start the day your stop bleeding to capitalise on more period-free days, then go through your period (or stop if you want to, or stop for the heaviest part, and restart).

How to use the herbal blend

  1. The bottle will likely turn up looking clearly separated – coconut on top, herbal extracts in the middle, and the lactulose at the bottom. This is how it should look. If the weather is warm, it may be liquid.
  2. Take the cardboard tag off and keep it safe – it has instructions, ingredients, batch numbers and expiry dates on it.
  3. If the ingredients are solidified, run the bottle under hot water, or sit in a bowl of hot water, to liquify the ingredients. DO NOT MICROWAVE! DO NOT BOIL!
  4. Shake the bottle really well. The ingredients want to naturally separate really quickly, so when everything is liquid, shake well, then use the pipette provided put the liquid into two size 000 or three size 00 vegetable capsules (see video below)
  5. Dunk capsules in water before insertion
  6. Rinse out your applicator with hot water to dissolve any coconut oil, so it’s clean for next time you need to use it. Put your bottle, instructions, and applicator in a safe, clean, cool, dry place.
  7. Do this before bed until the bottle is empty.

Video on how to fill vegetable capsules with blend

Rules to abide by when using the herbal blend

Six weeks or so can be a long time with your vagina out of action, but thankfully this blend is pretty easy to deal with. Your vagina tends to be clear of treatments most of the day, as the treatment comes out during the night, sitting on your vaginal walls for the full night. This is what you want.

This means that during the day, you may want to wear a panty liner until you figure out just how much is left that will dribble out during the day. Each of you will be a bit different here, so do some experiments and see how you go. Remember the point of treatment is to keep your vaginal walls smothered for as long as possible, without ruining your life while you’re at it.

You can have sex with this liquid in your vagina, but it’s better if you use a condom until you are past the telltale three-month mark where you’ll be able to tell if your vagina has rebalanced itself or not. If you still have symptoms after you finish treatment, it hasn’t worked. Contact us for advice.

If you have severe symptoms, start off with a hydrogen peroxide douche or a vinegar douche to rinse out the vaginal fluids in your vagina. It may take a little while to work in severe cases, so just be patient and use whatever management strategies you usually opt for (boric acid, etc.) but avoid douches – you want the ingredients to stay on your vaginal walls to exert their effect.

Having penis-in-vagina or vagina-with-vagina sex with a partner who needs treatment

This is a great opportunity to have sex to treat you both, with herbal blend ingredients in your vagina. Naturally you’ll need to be the best judge of when the best time to do this is, and it is suggested that you don’t start getting it on and sharing this treatment until about week four, when it has well and truly started to work. If you have severe symptoms, wait until those go away before attempting to ‘share’ this treatment with your lover.

When you are both comfortable, you can have bareback sex but avoid ejaculate inside of you! Neither of you are cured yet! The point of this sexual encounter is to get your treatment into the crevices, the way that your vaginal fluids would. You need to make sure you have a towel underneath, and be prepared for the lovely smell of the blend to accompany you.

Avoid semen in your vagina until you think you are well and truly clear.

Can I stop the treatment early if my symptoms seem to be gone?

You can do whatever you like! If your symptoms have disappeared and you feel confident that you can stop the treatment, then go right ahead. This treatment can sometimes take a short time, and sometimes a long time – you are rebalancing your vagina with a combination of ingredients, so do what feels right.

We advise against stopping early, but then again, sometimes it’s ok to stop early. Sometimes your BV will be completely eradicated (mysteriously indeed!) and need less time than someone else. Remember the point of treatment is to completely rejig your vagina microbially and cellularly. These things take time, so don’t rush, plan ahead, and avoid skipping treatments.

Can I skip treatments if I have something on?

Yes. Sometimes it’s necessary to skip treatments – if you are away from home for a night or a week, on holiday, or otherwise busy doing stuff, you can skip treatments. But, don’t skip too many! If you need to skip one or two a week, just make sure you do the full treatment. Do what you can, with the goal to do as many treatments as possible in a row for best effect.

How the herbal blend works to kill BV

The purpose of this blend is that it attacks multiple angles at once. All at once you are able to selectively kill or disable pathogens, soothe and calm your itchy or sore vaginal cells, while providing a great food source for your friendly bacteria.

Why we’ve chosen each ingredient in our herbal blend

Licorice root extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Licorice root is used in herbal medicine for several main reasons, but the uses we are capitalising on are the antimicrobial, immune-regulating and anti-inflammatory actions as a topical preparation. One of the active constituents in licorice is glycyrrhiza, which appears to be responsible for its antimicrobial properties.

Read more about using licorice as a vaginal treatment

Propolis resin

Propolis is a resin collected from plants by bees, used to seal up the hive. The resin, while not secreted by bees, is collected and utilised by bees. Propolis resin is a collection of plant ingredients, which all have various antimicrobial effects, making propolis resin an excellent vaginal antimicrobial, antiviral, antiparasitic and antifungal treatment. Propolis may not be appropriate for strict vegans.

Read more about using propolis as a vaginal treatment

Australian tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia)

Tea tree oil from Australia and New Zealand has proven to be superior to other forms of tea tree oil when it comes to potency and antimicrobial effects. We use the highest quality tea tree oil available, to ensure the best possible antimicrobial results.

Read more about using tea tree oil as a vaginal treatment

Lactulose liquid

Lactulose is best known for its role as a laxative and prebiotic in the digestive tract, but lactulose is an excellent vaginal prebiotic providing food for your lactobacilli, but not BV or AV-causing bacteria or yeasts. This makes lactulose selectively awesome to boost your lactobacilli numbers. It is best used with Jarro-Dophilus Women probiotics vaginally or orally, since these are the species you want to increase numbers of.

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Organic coconut oil base

The organic coconut oil that we use as a base has high lauric acid levels, which means it has its own mild antimicrobial action, while offering a stable base within which to house your other ingredients.

Jessica Lloyd - Naturopathic Practitioner, BHSc(N)

Jessica Lloyd - Naturopathic Practitioner, BHSc(N)

Jessica is a degree-qualified naturopath (BHSc) specialising in vulvovaginal health and disease, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Jessica is the owner and lead naturopath of My Vagina, and is a member of the:

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  • International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health (ISSWSH)
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  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
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