The good, the bad and the weird. Got a good story? Tell us!

We would love to hear about your life and body – funny, tragic, borderline boring, we don’t care – we love them all. Write your story using as many words as you like, and if we like it, we’ll publish it. The space looks small but it is infinite, so it might be preferable to write your story in another text editor, then copy and paste. 

Stories should be about vaginas in some way and be as long as you can make it. Context is everything!  

Have a snoop around!

Yeast Vs HO: a fantastic story, it’s not what you think

Got yeast problems and your body gone crazy? Learn about our HOs, histamine and oestrogen, how yeast blocks their exit from the body, and how to overcome it.

Killing BV Success Story: my BV is gone!

Another success story from the Killing BV treatment program, where both partners of the relationship are being treated using our one-of-a-kind methods.

Killing BV Success Story: I cured my BV!

A woman has cured her BV using a combination of the treatments we recommended to her, using our treatment program in Killing BV.

The story about how I bought vaginal tightening gel because my boyfriend had a small penis

Once upon a time, I thought I could solve a genital mismatch with vaginal tightening gel.

Letters from the South – my vagina has feelings too, you know.

The story of M continues at the chiropractor, where her vagina tells us a little story in great wails.

Letters from the South – a tale of birth control woe

A great and funny story by a smart and hilarious lady who decides to take on the Mississippi Health Department.

Vaginal massage: wtf?

Vaginal massage ('yoni mapping') is not as weird as it sounds. Take a walk with one of the All Things Vagina naturopaths as she tries it for the first time.

Gay Dave’s Tales From the Other Side Part 2

Part two of Gay Dave's first-ever adventure with a woman, examining the more delicate emotional elements to his experience.

Gay Dave’s Tales From the Other Side Part 1

Ever wondered what a gay man thinks of a vagina? This two-part series delves where few gay men have dared - or wanted - to go.



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