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Stories should be about vaginas in some way and be as long as you can make it. Context is everything!  

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Yeast Vs HO: a fantastic story, it’s not what you think

This article unfolds an epic narrative between histamine, oestrogen, and yeast, explaining how their interactions lead to vaginal and other health issues. It delves into the body's complex society, where histamine and oestrogen play crucial roles, and how yeast overgrowth disrupts this balance, leading to a series of health problems.

Killing BV Success Story: my BV is gone!

A personal success story of conquering Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) using a specialized four-pronged treatment approach. After struggling with BV for over a year, the individual achieved a healthy vaginal pH and symptom-free life, highlighting the importance of targeted treatment and dietary changes.

Killing BV Success Story: I cured my BV!

A personal account of overcoming Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) after traditional treatments failed. This success story highlights alternative methods, including biofilm busters and probiotics, leading to a BV-free life for the first time since April 2013. A testament to perseverance and exploring non-traditional treatments, this narrative offers hope and practical advice

The story about how I bought vaginal tightening gel because my boyfriend had a small penis

Embarking on a personal quest to improve sexual compatibility, a woman turns to vaginal tightening gel as a solution to her relationship's physical mismatch. Despite her efforts, she learns that true sexual satisfaction comes from compatibility rather than adjustments. This story sheds light on the often unspoken challenges of physical

Letters from the South – my vagina has feelings too, you know.

An exploration of how a woman's emotional turmoil and the stress of adapting to a new environment manifest physically, particularly in her pelvic area, leading to a profound realisation about the importance of emotional well-being and the courage to be true to oneself. Through a chiropractic revelation, she learns that

Letters from the South – a tale of birth control woe

In a revealing account of trying to access birth control in Clarksdale, Mississippi, the writer shares her experiences with the local health department's inefficiencies, from amusing interactions to the serious implications of receiving the wrong prescription. This personal narrative sheds light on the challenges faced when healthcare systems fail to

Vaginal massage: wtf?

Intrigued by an ad for Yoni Mapping, a form of healing vaginal massage, the author embarks on a personal journey to explore her relationship with her vagina. Through a session with Bonnie, a skilled practitioner, she experiences an intimate exploration of her body, leading to revelations about her pelvic health

Gay Dave’s Tales From the Other Side Part 2

In this heartfelt narrative, Gay Dave shares his poignant journey of exploring intimacy beyond his gay identity, leading to an emotional rollercoaster with a woman. This tale unfolds the complexities of love, sexuality, and the courage to confront societal expectations, ultimately revealing the transformative power of authentic connections.

Gay Dave’s Tales From the Other Side Part 1

Gay Dave shares his uncharted journey into the world of vagina, offering a candid look at his experiences and the nuances of female anatomy from a gay man's perspective. This article explores the physical and emotional complexities encountered, shedding light on the challenges and revelations of engaging with the opposite


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