What does it feel like for a girl? A flesh comparison

When we develop in the womb, there are a set of cells that make our genitals and reproductive systems. This means that we are built out of the same stuff, and therefore some of our skin feels and behaves the same way in both ladies and gents. This is great to know, since you can find out what your lover’s bits feel like by touching your own.

Science fact: in scientific terms, these similarities are called homologues, which means ‘same as’.

Scrotum (ball sack) is the same flesh as the labia majora (outer lips)

The prostate has a female equivalent – the Skene’s glands (female prostate, g-spot)

Skin of the penis is the same as the labia minora (inner labia)

The whole penis is like the clitoris (which is bigger than you think – it has ‘legs’)

The clitoris has a glans in the same way the penis does (the glans is the V-shape underneath the head of the penis)

The clitoral hood is the same as the foreskin