Understanding and managing osteitis pubis

Osteitis pubis is a painful condition marked by inflammation of the pubis symphysis joint, often due to repetitive damage or biomechanical issues. This article explores its symptoms, such as lower pelvic pain and painful sex, alongside causes including pregnancy and physical trauma. It also delves into diagnostic methods and treatment options, emphasizing the importance of professional assessment and individualized care.

BE IN A COUPLES BV STUDY! Australia only (NSW, Victoria) – currently recruiting (Nov 2022)

The StepUp study, conducted in Victoria and New South Wales, aims to investigate the effectiveness of treating male partners of women with bacterial vaginosis (BV) to prevent recurrence. Approved by the Alfred Hospital Ethics Committee, this research offers reimbursement for participants. If you're a woman with BV and have a regular male partner, the StepUp study could use your involvement. Discover how you can contribute to this pioneering research.

Use of oral zinc in lichen planus of the mouth and vulva

Lichen planus, a condition affecting the mouth and vulva, shows significant improvement with oral zinc therapy. Research indicates that individuals with lichen planus have lower zinc levels, suggesting a deficiency linked to the condition. Zinc, crucial for skin healing and immune function, has been found to substantially alleviate symptoms in patients, highlighting its potential as a key treatment option.

Impact of Cinnamomum on Candida spp.

Candida albicans, a common cause of oral and vaginal infections, forms biofilms resistant to traditional treatments. Recent studies reveal Cinnamomum oil not only destroys these biofilms but prevents their formation, offering a promising alternative to combat antifungal resistance. With its components like cinnamaldehyde and eugenol showing potent antifungal properties, Cinnamomum could revolutionize the way we approach Candida-related infections, ensuring efficacy without toxicity to human cells.

Understanding Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS)

Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) is a severe reaction primarily to medication, leading to skin blistering and peeling, including on mucous membranes such as the vagina. Recognizing symptoms early and seeking immediate medical attention is crucial for managing this medical emergency. This article delves into the causes, symptoms, treatments, and particularly the urogenital impacts of SJS, highlighting the importance of comprehensive care and recovery.

Yeast Vs HO: a fantastic story, it’s not what you think

This article unfolds an epic narrative between histamine, oestrogen, and yeast, explaining how their interactions lead to vaginal and other health issues. It delves into the body's complex society, where histamine and oestrogen play crucial roles, and how yeast overgrowth disrupts this balance, leading to a series of health problems. The story provides insights into the mechanisms behind these issues and offers guidance on restoring harmony within the body.

Yeast and MTHFR

Understanding the complex relationship between yeast overgrowth, MTHFR genetic variations, and our body's detoxification processes reveals a significant impact on our health. Yeast, a simple organism, produces byproducts that overload our detox pathways, especially in individuals with MTHFR variations. This can lead to an excess of harmful substances in the body, contributing to a range of symptoms including anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Moreover, the article explores the role of NAD in this intricate balance and the concept of 'tryptophan steal', highlighting the importance of managing Candida overgrowth and supporting detoxification pathways for optimal health.

The role of your adrenal glands in menopause

In menopause, the adrenal glands take on the critical role of producing oestrogens, alongside other hormones, as the ovaries diminish in function. The added workload can lead to symptoms of adrenal fatigue and exacerbate menopausal discomforts. Supporting adrenal health through stress management and lifestyle changes is vital for a smoother menopausal transition.

Understanding and using phyto-oestrogens in food

Phyto-oestrogens, plant-based chemicals that mimic oestrogen in the human body, can be both beneficial and necessary, especially during menopause or for those seeking to balance hormone levels. Found in foods like soy, flax seeds, and legumes, these compounds offer a natural way to support hormonal health, protect against certain cancers, and even reduce cholesterol levels. Understanding their function and how to incorporate them into your diet can provide significant health benefits.

Understanding the low-FODMAP diet

The low-FODMAP diet, designed to ease IBS symptoms, focuses on reducing intake of certain sugars poorly absorbed in the intestine. Learn what FODMAPs are, their sources, and how to manage your diet with reliable resources like the Monash University FODMAP app, which provides an extensive, regularly updated list of FODMAP-friendly foods and recipes.

Foods high in polyphenols

Polyphenols, with their antifungal effects on yeasts, can be significantly beneficial when included in your diet. This article lists high-polyphenol foods such as herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables that not only help in eradicating yeasts but also support those with iron deficiencies. From clove and green tea to black olives and extra-virgin olive oil, incorporating these foods into your diet could offer numerous health benefits.

Aunt Vadge: I accidentally got poop in my vag

A simple mistake of wiping back to front after a bowel movement led to fecal bacteria causing irritation in the vagina, resulting in redness and itching. Despite initial treatment, the problem persists, indicating a potential imbalance in the vaginal microbiome. Seeking a comprehensive vaginal microbiome test and consulting with a specialist may provide the right diagnosis and treatment to resolve the issue.

Aunt Vadge: I have bloating after dry humping – am I pregnant?

Aunt Vadge reassures a 24-year-old from India who experienced bloating and vaginal irritation after dry humping that pregnancy in this scenario is extremely unlikely. She explains that sperm need to be deposited directly into the vagina in sufficient quantity to cause pregnancy, a scenario not facilitated by clothing barriers and the timing of the sexual activity in relation to the menstrual cycle. The article also addresses concerns about vaginal irritation and offers advice on sexual health and contraception.

Aunt Vadge: fingering makes me want to pee

Many experience a sensation of needing to urinate while being fingered, often due to pressure on the urethra. Aunt Vadge explains this common issue and offers advice on re-associating this sensation with pleasure, emphasizing the importance of relaxation, arousal, and proper technique to overcome the discomfort and enjoy the experience.

Aunt Vadge: I don’t know how to finger myself – help!

Navigating the complexities of self-exploration, this article offers invaluable advice for those new to fingering. It breaks down the importance of being turned on, the role of nerves, and practical tips for a fulfilling solo play experience. With a focus on understanding one's body and overcoming nervousness, it provides a roadmap to enjoying penetration and ultimately, a satisfying sexual relationship.

What to do if you have unprotected sex and may be or are pregnant

After unprotected sex, if you suspect pregnancy, immediate steps like emergency contraception within 24-72 hours and pregnancy tests can help. Depending on your decision, options range from medical to surgical abortions, or carrying the pregnancy to term, with privacy and support emphasized at every step.