Aunt Vadge: stinging clitoral cut – what should I do?

Clitoral Cuts

Hi Aunt Vadge,

The last time me and my guy had sex, he told me that he could see a straight cut across the tip of my clitoris. He went down on me and probably his teeth did the job, but honestly, I did not feel any pain whatsoever. It didn’t even bleed. So I ended up forgetting about it and went on with life. After a few days, I masturbated, spraying water at my clit’s right side (this feels good actually). I enjoyed it, but I noticed a very slight burn.

It seemed pleasurable to me at that moment so I let it go. After a day, I began noticing stinging down there, every time I walked. Came back home, saw the swollen right side part of my clit, then shaved myself clean to prevent further irritation.

As of now I’m just using a water-soluble iodine-based ointment meant for healing cuts and wounds. When I pull my clitoris upwards, the right side seems to have an internal tear on the surface, like it’s not connected to the hood anymore.

How long will this last and is there anything more I can do to help it heal soon? Because I want to be able to walk without freezing in pain when that area is irritated.

Thank you for your help.

Straight Cut

Hi there Straight Cut,

It sounds like you have indeed had a wound inflicted somehow. The area that connects your clitoral hood to your labia minora is prone to being split a bit, and is a common vaginal cut, though it isn’t clear if that is what’s happened – if your actual clitoris is somehow disconnected to your clitoral hood, it may take a little longer to heal.

While either of these scenarios are painful and will swell up a bit, they are not dangerous. The wound will heal pretty quickly, within days, but up to a week if it is more severe.

Minor cuts and tears can be encouraged to heal well with a moisturising vulva and vagina-friendly cuts cream.

The iodine certainly won’t hurt, but you will heal up just as well without it. It will simply keep bacteria from possibly making the wound infected, but this is usually not a problem in an otherwise healthy vagina due to the existence of beneficial microflora that fight off invaders, even on the vulva.

Keep it clean by washing very gently with warm water, keep it lubricated with a very small amount of vegetable oil (coconut, avocado, even olive oil) so the wound doesn’t get caught on other skin as it heals, which could pull your skin’s protein ‘stitches’ apart.

Don’t have sex or masturbate until it is completely healed. Wear loose-fitting or no underwear so there is nothing to catch it or rub against it. The less touching, the quicker it will heal, so stop looking at it!

If you need anymore help, let us know.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge